Sunset at Windebyer Noor

Last night I did my first shooting with ND filter. It was a premiere in some aspects. For the first time I…

  • … used my Haida neutral density filter 1000,
  • … shot with my Ayex AX-3 remote-control release,
  • … tried to shoot BULB and
  • … used my Rollei Beta tripod with Sirui G-10X ball head.

These were my lessons learned:

  • F-stop 16 and ND 1000 are not enough for really long exposures under these conditions.
  • Sony a6000 supports BULB only in Manual Mode.
  • I have to learn how to dismount the center column from my tripod to get nearer to the ground.
  • I should spend much more time on the location and the composition. For this I have to start earlier.
  • It would be good to chose better clothing and have Autan ready. This time the mosquitos made me leave and missing the Golden Hour.
  • I need practice, practice, practice…
  • Shooting sunsets is sooo recreational (and does not require to get out of bed in the middle of the night).
Oliver Fink

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